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This film will be released free for everyone. It isn’t possible without YOU!

This film will be released free for everyone.
It isn’t possible without YOU!
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About The Film

Splintering Babylon” is a provocative documentary that explores the controversial theory of Nazi influence in the founding of major Western institutions such as the CIA, NATO, and the United Nations. The film presents a narrative that Wall Street, along with Prescott Bush—father of U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush—financially supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi elite prior to World War II.

This film uncovers how the Nazis infiltrated Western governments, shaping modern society under the Fourth Reich master plan. It reveals the CIA’s portrayal of history, concealing stark realities and the dark agenda of the New World Order. Today, a growing awareness and resistance to these claims spotlight a corporate-government fascist state thriving on illicit trades in money, drugs, and human trafficking.

“Splintering Babylon” shines a light on how the tyrannical Babylon Beast system will come to an end per biblical prophecy thousands of years ago.


Project Paperclip Team


Ukraine Social-National Party

Montage Image By James Grundvig

Splintering Babylon
Film Overview


When the COVID PSYOP was deployed against the peoples of the world, few understood that we were witnessing the opening salvos of a long-planned “Final Solution” for the human species.

As we observe the controlled demolition of Western Civilization, with standing ovations in Canada for a former Nazi SS officer and hundreds of billions of dollars going to Nazi fighters in Ukraine, the hidden history of the past 80 years begins to reveal itself.

The United States did not win World War II; instead, occult Nazis founded the major postwar global organizations, like NATO, the United Nations, and its many evil agencies, like the IMF and the World Health Organization.

In the US, the Nazis founded the Central Intelligence Agency, the CDC, and NASA, while also infiltrating every agency and echelon of every other Western government.

The Cabal achieved this through a range of tactics, from bribery and extortion to the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, to the allure of sex, fame, money, power to Satanism.

Splintering Babylon reveals this hidden history and that of the brave American presidents who warned us and who tried to thwart the Cabal’s evil agenda.

This film connects the dots of a global military alliance that designed a counterplan, set on a parallel track, and timed it to destroy the Babylon Beast system before humanity plunges into the abyss.

The Books of Daniel and Revelation uncannily prophesied this final battle— God’s law versus man-made Maritime Law, as foretold by the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

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"Splinter The CIA Into 1000 Pieces"
John F Kennedy

Film Crew

Alexandra Bruce

Producer, Writer, Researcher

Journalist and Founder of Forbidden Knowledge
James Grundvig

Producer, Writer, Researcher

Author, Host, Journalist - Decentralized.Media
Jeff Gallatin

Editor, Videographer, Drone Operator

ESPN, Discovery, WGN, CCTV.



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The Crew

These are the people dedicated to helping get the truth out there.

Alexandra Bruce

Producer, Writer, Researcher

James Grundvig

Producer, Writer, Researcher

Jeff Gallatin

Editor, Videographer, Drone Operator