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Splintering Babylon
The Plan. Revelation. The Path To Freedom

Splintering Babylon
The Plan. Revelation.
The Path To Freedom


In a world echoing the prophetic days of Noah, humanity finds itself ensnared by the
prophecy of Daniel, trapped within the grip of the fifth kingdom—the One World
Government—intent on enslaving all. Daniel’s revelation, interpreting the king’s dream,
foretells a divine intervention where God’s “rock” shatters the statue of earthly kingdoms,
symbolizing the return of divine law amidst the spiritual clash of good and evil.
Contrary to historical narratives, the United States succumbed to the Nazi World Order in
World War II, fostering a web of deception woven by the Cabal masters. Their insidious
agenda has sought to supplant humanity with a transhuman society.
The masters of the Fourth Reich orchestrated a clandestine war, shifting eugenics to
genetics. Infiltrating every echelon of power, they installed Nazi operatives within the U.S.
government, indoctrinating a generation of leaders in their ideology. Through agencies like
the CDC and CIA, and initiatives like MK-Ultra, they propagated their agenda under the
guise of global stability with organizations like NATO and the United Nations.
Against this backdrop, an Alliance, a group of God-fearing military officers, devised the
countermeasure—the “Military Government” brief of 1949.
Charting a course to restore America to its constitutional roots, they laid the groundwork
for “The Plan” to dismantle the Cabal’s grip and revive the Republic of the United States.
But for the Plan to work its success would rest on two conditions. First, no coup. Second, no
civil war.
Over decades, the Alliance waged a covert war, infiltrating Cabal strongholds while
exposing their machinations. From assassinations to false flag operations like Waco and
Oklahoma City, they countered Cabal’s influence, laying the groundwork for a decisive
In a pivotal moment preceding Donald Trump’s presidency, the U.S. Department of Defense
published the Law of War Manual, signaling the Alliance’s ascendancy. Trump’s tenure
marked a turning point, as he wielded executive orders to dismantle Cabal networks and
thwart foreign interference.
Through strategic maneuvers like the Covid CARES Act and the 2020 election, the Alliance
positioned itself to seize control, paving the way for a Military Government administration.
As the Biden regime unwittingly continues to play its role, the Alliance awaits the
opportune moment to activate clauses within the Law of War Manual to trap the foreign
invaders in the Open Borders sting operation, along with domestic adversaries.
In the crucible of conflict, the Alliance seeks to bring justice through military tribunals,
guided by God’s divine law.
As humanity stands at the threshold of liberation, the Military Government serves as the
conduit to reclaiming freedom from the shackles of the Babylon Beast system, restoring the
Republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

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